Killian Unger

Department of Agriculture’s State Veterinary Service (SVS)

Kilian Unger is a veterinarian who has worked for many years as a veterinary public health specialist with the Department of Agriculture’s State Veterinary Service (SVS) in Ireland. He started life working in private practice before joining the SVS as a veterinary inspector and spent the first few years supervising the application of official controls on food safety, animal health and animal welfare in meat plant establishments. For over 15 years he has specialised in Veterinary Public Health Policy with particular emphasis on food safety and zoonoses. He been centrally involved in policy matters relating to the monitoring and control of Salmonella in pigs and poultry and Campylobacter in broilers. He represented Ireland at national and international forums including EU Commission working group and Standing Committee meetings, the EFSA network on Zoonoses Monitoring Data Collection and the annual FAO/WHO Codex Committee meeting on Food Hygiene.