Barry Drees PhD, Editor in the Life Sciences

Trilogy Writing & Consulting GmbH

Barry Drees was a witness to the start of the genetech madness when he got his PhD in molecular genetics at the University of California at San Francisco at the time of the founding of Genentech. Life's sense of irony took him to Germany, however, where he worked as a medical writer in the pharmaceutical industry for 12 years, setting up a Phase I writing group and leading several regulatory submission teams, among other activities. Barry is a frequent speaker on medical writing, statistics and other scientific communication topics for Management Forum Ltd, as well as various pharmaceutical associations. He also speaks on non-scientific topics such as the introductory presentation on the history of Malta at the 20th EMWA conference. He has appeared on an educational television programme in Germany to discuss the ethics of genetic engineering and German radio to discuss medical writing as a career. He is the former Editor-in-chief of ‘The Write Stuff’, the Journal of EMWA (now called ‘Medical Writing’), and is currently a Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting. He served on the EMWA Professional Development Committee (EPDC) 2006-2009, with a focus on Train-the-Trainer events. Barry is a Nick Thompson Fellow of EMWA.