Ana Goios PhD

P95 Epidemiology and Pharmacovigilance

Based in Portugal, Ana Goios works remotely as a medical writer for P95 Epidemiology and Pharmacovigilance. In her daily work, she prepares reports, systematic reviews and other manuscripts, posters and presentations, often featuring visualizations. Ana holds a PhD in Genetics and has worked in academic research in Genetics and in Population Health for more than 15 years. In parallel, she completed two Scientific Illustration courses, a post-graduation course on Biostatistics in Health Sciences, and has engaged in self-training in data visualization and design. Ana is an EMWA member since 2018 and has since then attended EMWA Professional Development Program Workshops and obtained the EPDP Foundation Certificate. Her multidisciplinary background allows her to produce complete medical communication documents using data analysis tools and producing graphics, illustrations and texts.